Reproducing figures and images

If you wish to include figures, images or extracts from previously published articles it is your responsibility to acquire permission to do so. All material must be properly referenced and you must have the written consent of the copyright holder (this may be the publisher rather than the author). This includes your own previously published material, if you are not the copyright holder.


Advice on acquiring permissions

The quickest way to acquire permission from most STM publishers is to use their RightsLink service. Go to the webpage of the article from which you wish to reuse content and locate the Permissions link. You can then fill in the online form for instant permission.

Please note that BMJ, like many STM Publishers, is a signatory to the STM Permissions Guidelines. When seeking permission from another STM Signatory Publisher you can acquire free or discounted permissions by entering ‘STM Signatory’ and ‘BMJ’ as the publisher of the new work in the Rightslink process.

If you have any questions around acquiring valid permissions please email


Reproducing material published in a BMJ Journal

If you wish to reuse content from a BMJ Journal in your submission to BMJ please email and we can confirm copyright ownership. If we do not own the rights to the content we can point you in the right direction for acquiring permission.