Video abstracts

What is a video abstract?

A Video Abstract is an accompanying feature for research articles that should attract viewers to the scientific paper. Video abstracts are published under the same copyright terms as the associated article.

The aim of the Video Abstract is to promote the highlights of your study. Therefore, it should include the main conclusions and results of the paper, but it should also add something to the written paper. Ideally, it should engage viewers by telling a story, for example by starting with a particular finding, a question, or a distinctive topic around which the story will unfold.

A video about a serious matter doesn’t need to be plain or expensive to produce. The level of technology available nowadays means that you don’t need to invest in state-of-the-art equipment to get a more creative high quality production. High quality videos can be produced relatively cheaply, as you will read in more detail in these guidelines. Your emphasis must be on ways of capturing the attention of your audience, encouraging them to read your paper.