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Slowing the Progression of Myopia
Guest Editors: Ramesh Kekunnaya, Pavan Kumar Verkicharla
BMJ Open Ophthalmology

Heart Failure: Improving Implementation of Advanced Guideline-Recommended Therapies
Guest Editors: Anastasia Shchendrygina, Clara Saldarriaga
Open Heart

Imaging and Biomarkers in Ophthalmology
Guest Editors: Vito Romano, Mariantonia Ferrara, Jingjing Huang
BMJ Open Ophthalmology

Advancing Care and Outcomes for Patients with Diabetic Kidney Disease
Guest Editor: Joshua J Neumiller
BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care

Advances in Functional Neurological Disorder
Guest Editors: Wendy Phillips, Mark Edwards
BMJ Neurology Open

Combating Disparities in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
Guest Editors: Heena Santry, D’Andrea Joseph, Michael West
Trauma Surgery & Acute Care Open

Generative AI in Ophthalmology
Guest Editors: Mingguang He, Pearse Keane, Aaron Lee
British Journal of Ophthalmology

Anxiety Disorders by Massachusetts General Hospital
Guest Editors: Tristan Barako, Jerrold Rosenbaum
General Psychiatry

Biostatistical Methods in Psychiatry (I)
Guest editors: Xinlian Zhang, Xin M. Tu, and Changyong Feng
General Psychiatry

Clinical High Risk of Psychosis
Guest Editors: Jijun Wang, William S Stone
General Psychiatry

Psychosomatic Medicine
Guest Editors: Yonggui Yuan, Zheng Lu, Wenhao Jiang
General Psychiatry

Cognition and Brain Modulation
Guest Editors: Ti-Fei Yuan, Kai Wang, Tatia Lee, Hamed Ekhtiari, Di Zhao
General Psychiatry

Nanomedicine in Oncology
Guest Editors: Andrew Wang, Yuanzeng Min, Clare Hoskins
BMJ Oncology

Lipids in Retinal Health and Disease
Guest Editors: Zhongjie Fu, Chuck T. Chen, Michael Landowski, Qian Li
BMJ Open Ophthalmology

Advances in Clinical Psychopharmacology in Children and Young People
Guest Editors: Samuele Cortese, Carmen Moreno
BMJ Mental Health