Topic Collections

A Topic Collection is a collection of articles that focuses on specific areas of research within the scope of a journal. They provide a great opportunity to encourage new areas of research, to re-examine topics from a new perspective, and to address current hot topics or pertinent discussions going on within the field. Topic Collections can help articles become more discoverable, readable, and citable.

Topic Collection manuscripts are subject to the usual editorial processes of the journal they are submitted to. BMJ has rigorous peer review standards and the journal’s Editor-in-Chief has oversight of the entire peer review process for Topic Collection manuscripts. In addition, BMJ has stringent processes to monitor manuscripts and ensure the integrity of the review process is not compromised.

Lead Editors of a Topic Collection will manage peer review, invite reviewers and make a recommendation, but the final decision is made by the Editor-in-Chief, ensuring the highest standards for authors, readers and the global research community. Where Guest Editors are authors of manuscripts, editorial decisions will be made independently of the Guest Editors. Following the COPE guidelines for guest-edited collections, peer review for submissions from Guest Editors will instead be handled by the journal’s Editor-in-Chief. 

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