Open access licences

When agreeing to the BMJ author licence during submission you will be required to select whether your article will be open access (upon payment of APC) or not. Most BMJ Journals permit the use of two Creative Commons licences:


This is the default open access option for BMJ articles. CC BY-NC articles allow the author, and any non-commercial bodies, to reuse the material in any way they choose, without acquiring permission from BMJ. Any reuse must give attribution to the author, usually by including a reference.  Commercial users will require permission from BMJ for any reuse. 


This option is only available to those whose funders mandate it. This licence allows anyone to reuse and adapt the material in any way, without acquiring permission.  Please note that this is the sole licencing option for BMJ Open Science.

PMC depositing and author archiving

We will deposit all open access articles with PMC on print publication in an issue or, if not published in print, from being published online and authors may deposit the final published version in the repositories of their choice.


For information about author licences and specific journal licences please visit this section.