Tracking your submission

After you submit your manuscript to BMJ you can track its progress using Where Is My Paper?, our manuscript-tracking tool for authors.

With Where Is My Paper? you can

  • Track a specific paper by entering your manuscript ID. You will find your manuscript ID in your submission confirmation email
  • Track more than one paper across multiple BMJ journals, by logging in with your ORCiD

Where Is My Paper? was created and developed with direct feedback from our authors and is a one-stop shop for information about process, timings and point of contact for your manuscript. It displays the manuscript status data transmitted from the peer review management system and gives you immediate access to accurate and honest information about the status of your paper using language free of jargon or technical terms. For each status change in the publishing process Where Is My Paper? provides useful context and information about who to contact if necessary.

Using Where Is My Paper? you can also access in one place your manuscript history, which displays all papers you have submitted to BMJ with their respective statuses, regardless of the journal. You no longer needs to log into individual instances of the peer review management system to check on the status of more than one manuscript. Instead, simply log in with your ORCiD.