Article metrics and alerts

Once your article is published, you can track its reach and usage metrics by clicking on the ‘Article metrics’ icon on the left-hand toolbar displayed on your article’s page.

There you will find:

altmetric donutAltmetric score
This shows the online attention your article is receiving across news outlets, social media, blogs and more. Altmetric collates online mentions and shares of your research as soon as it’s published, helping you monitor and track early engagement and who is interacting with your work. Click the image to access more granular data.


dimensions badge

Dimensions badge
This badge links to several citation metrics for your article, including total citations, recent citations and field citations. Click on the badge to review all of the detailed data. Please note that citation metrics usually take several months to be generated.


Download statistics
This section provides an overview of the number of times your article has been accessed and downloaded. The data are shown up to the last full calendar month.



Signing up to article alerts


Registering to receive alerts for citations, responses or corrections of your article is easy.
By clicking on the ‘Alerts’ icon on the left-hand toolbar displayed on the article page you will be able to choose the type of alert you want to receive as well as the frequency.

You can also stay up to date with the latest research published in the journal by signing up to receive content alerts.