Writing your paper

Transform completed research into a manuscript ready for submission

Turning your research into a manuscript can sometimes be daunting, especially in a digital era where online discoverability is of paramount importance. The resources below can help you prepare your manuscript for submission, whilst also thinking of its future as a published and discoverable article.

Preparing your manuscript

There is no shortage of general advice on the web on how to write all kinds of scholarly medical articles. The most influential resource is the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals (ICMJE), and this is the best place to start when sitting down to write a paper.  [ … ]

Make your research discoverable

Search engines like Google and Google Scholar, as well as indexing services like PubMed, are now the first port of call for researchers to discover articles they want to read or cite.  [ … ]

Language polishing services

If you’re not a native English speaker, we recommend you get your manuscript edited by native speakers before submitting. Professional services can improve language, grammar, spelling and punctuation, which allows reviewers and editors to focus on the scientific content.  [ … ]

How to write a study protocol

Study protocols report planned or ongoing research; we’ll consider publishing your protocol only if the data collection is still in progress (i.e. not complete).  [ … ]

BMJ policy on authorship

The ICMJE Recommendations state what authorship credit requires.  [ … ]

CrossMark Policy

CrossMark is a multi-publisher initiative by the CrossRef Organization to provide a standard way for readers to locate the authoritative version of a document. [ … ]