The post-submission journey can be different for every paper. Here are some resources to help you through the various events that may come up along the way.

What to expect from us

Once your manuscript has been accepted, all correspondence will be sent to the email address of your corresponding author as indicated on ScholarOne.
This is what to expect.  [ … ]

The peer review process

BMJ mainly operates four types of peer review. Each journal offers a different type of peer review, so please check on their individual websites for details.  [ … ]

Correction and retraction policies

We expect authors to inform the journal’s Production Editor (details on the Contact Us section of the journal website) of any errors they have noticed (or have been informed of) in their article once published. Corrections are made at the journal’s discretion.  [ … ]

Transfer your manuscript

If a manuscript is rejected at any stage of the process, the author can opt to submit it to another BMJ journal.  [ … ]