Open Access

Unlock your research

Open access is a great way to share your research with the academic world and speed up scientific discovery. This section gives you all the tools you need to publish your paper, what options are available at BMJ, if your institution can support you with funding, data sharing information and much more.


Open Access options

BMJ offers three options to make your research Gold Open Access:
Publish in The BMJ, publish in one of our fully Open Access journals, publish in any of our remaining 50+ journals, using our Open Access option.  [ … ]

Copyright and licences

Since 2000, authors publishing with us can retain copyright for any article published in one of our journals. Authors grant BMJ an exclusive licence to publish the article. Full details are included in the specific licence for each journal.  [ … ]

Compliance with funders

All BMJ author agreements allow authors to comply with funder Open Access requirements as shown on the Sherpa/Juliet website.  [ … ]

Open Access Institutional Programme

A number of institutions have joined BMJ’s Open Access Programme, which can either cover the whole cost of Open Access publishing for authors at participating institutions, or can allow authors to receive a discount off the article publishing charge (APC). If you would like to learn more about the programme, please visit our Information for Institutions page.  [ … ]

Fees and Waivers

How much do I need to pay?  [ … ]