Promoting your paper

Tools for the published author

Congratulations on your latest publication! Here are some resources to help you get started with self-promotion and other exciting aspects of being a published author.

How to promote your paper

You don’t have to wait for your paper to be published to start preparing the ground for its success. From writing an excellent abstract, to press releases and social media, the possibilities are endless!  [ … ]

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Social media

There are 2.307 billion active social media users in the world, so you’re almost guaranteed to come across someone who is interested in your research. But there are more social media channels than Twitter and Facebook, so establish where your audience gathers, the times they are more active and the content they are interested in. Go where they are, rather than expect them to come to you.  [ … ]

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How we work with the media

Every week, BMJ publicises what we perceive to be the most interesting, new or important material from our stable of 60 journals. This can include original research papers, analysis articles, commentaries, editorials, letters, and podcasts.
We do this primarily via press releases and social media engagement.  [ … ]

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Publication embargo

All material accepted for publication in any BMJ journal is under embargo until it is published online. This means that until then it shouldn’t be distributed to third parties or discussed with the media, with the exception of research distributed to journalists as part of an embargoed press release (either issued by BMJ or in consultation with BMJ).  [ … ]

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Online First publication

Most articles accepted for publication in a BMJ journal are published Online First within 2-3 weeks, often months ahead of publication in a printed journal issue. Advanced publication establishes primacy for the work and, for journals that are MEDLINE-indexed, Online First articles are indexed by PubMed for improved discoverability.  [ … ]

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Reprints and author copies

BMJ does not provide authors with free reprints, but these are available for purchase. BMJ does provide a “toll-free link” to the corresponding author of the article as soon as the article has been published online.  [ … ]

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Responses to published work

Journals from BMJ welcome reader responses to published articles. These should be submitted electronically as eLetters via the journal’s website.  [ … ]

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Video abstracts

Video abstracts allow authors to personally talk through their work beyond the restrictions of a formal article, and improve the user’s understanding [ … ]

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All you need to know about promoting your paper.  [ … ]

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