Open access agreements for Ireland 2023: information for authors


Under the terms of BMJ’s open access agreement with the IReL Consortium, corresponding authors* affiliated to a large number of Irish universities and research institutions are eligible to publish their research open access (with fees covered by the agreement) in a range of BMJ journals. 

*Acting as the main contact with us after editorial acceptance.

What authors need to know

  • Articles eligible for funded publication: 
    • original research articles (original articles reporting on primary research) in our Transformative Journals (Standard collection)
  • You must be the corresponding author* of the article.
  • You must be a current staff member or student of an eligible institution at the time your article is accepted for publication.
  • Your institution’s OA Agreement with BMJ must be active, with sufficient funds, on acceptance of your paper. (The current IReL/ BMJ Read and Publish Agreement runs until December 31st 2023).
  • You must clearly state your primary affiliation in the published manuscript.
  • You will need to verify your eligibility at submission using your Ringgold ID/ institution domain. Find out more about Ringgold IDs and why they are important.
  • All open access articles will be published allowing reuse under a CC-BY licence, or CC-BY-NC in selected journals**, unless your funder mandates reuse under the CC-BY licence.

*Acting as the main contact with us after editorial acceptance.

To find out if you are entitled to institutional funding follow our simple steps below. If you’re ready to submit your paper you can do so straightaway by clicking on the relevant journal from the drop down menu in step 2.


Find out if you are entitled to institutional funding

1. Select your institution

2. How you can publish with fees covered by your institution

3. Ready to submit?

3. Ready to submit?


Ready to go? Then head straight to the journal’s drop down opposite. Any journal you select will have a clear “Submit” button on its home page.

Need a bit more help? You may find this guide useful when submitting your article:

Download OA at BMJ author guide, 2023

In addition, this video gives you an overview of publishing your article OA with us:

You may also find the accompanying infographic useful:

Download “How to publish your article open access with BMJ” infographic

Learn how to access and use the RightsLink® institutional portal to manage your open access business.

Institutional Manual Approval CCC Guide, 2023