When will my article be published in print?

Print publication depends on the amount of content waiting to be published in print for your particular journal. You can contact the editorial office of the journal for a realistic timeframe.


Can I have a free copy of the print issue my article appears in?

While we can’t issue single copies of printed journals, you can find details on subscriptions and reprints here.


When will I receive a toll-free link to my article?

We will send you a toll-free link to your article when it’s published for the first time – either Online First or at issue publication. If your article is published Online First, we’ll only send that first email.


Is my article published with a CC BY-NC or CC BY licence?

When you publish in one of our journals, you can choose between three licence types: exclusive licence granted to BMJ, CC BY-NC or CC BY.
If you choose the Open Access option (the latter two Creative Commons licences listed above), you’ll pay an Article Publishing Charge and the licence type will be listed at the end of the article. Please note that some research funding bodies have Open Access licence requirements; you can learn more on our Open Access page.


Is the full text of my article going to be deposited in PubMed Central?

See below for our table of Medline and PubMed Central (PMC) indexed journals – the following applies to indexed journals.
If you decide to publish Open Access (OA), your article will be deposited in PubMed Central approximately 2-3 weeks after publication in a fully OA journal, or 12 months for a hybrid journal (mix of OA and non-OA articles).
If you don’t choose OA, you can self-deposit the final accepted paper (not the typeset version) 12 months after print publication, unless the journal is online only.

JournalMedline-indexed?PMC indexed?Print/online/both?Publication model
archdischildYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
acupmedYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
annrheumdisYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
bjophthalmolYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
bjsportsYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
bcrYesYes (after 2 years)OnlineFellowship / subscription
bmjinnovNoYes (OA only)OnlineHybrid
bmjqsYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
bmjspcareYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
bmjstelNoYes (OA only)OnlineHybrid
ebmedYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
ebmentalYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
ebnursYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
ejhpharmNoYes (OA only)BothHybrid
emermedYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
edpractYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
flgastroNoYes (OA only)BothHybrid
fetalneonatalYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
gutjnlYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
heartjnlYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
injuryprevYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
jclinpatholYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
jechYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
jfprhcYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
medethicsYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
jmedgenetYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
neurintsurgYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
jnnpYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
jramcYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
medhumYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
oemedYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
practneurolYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
postgradmedjYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
sextransYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
thoraxjnlYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
tobaccocontrolYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid
vetreccrNoNoOnlineFollowship / subscription
vetrecYesYes (OA only)BothHybrid


My article has been published online, but is not listed on PubMed. When will it be available on PubMed?

Not all article types are Pubmed indexed. PubMed citations come from Medline indexed journals or PubMed Central (PMC) deposited journals/manuscripts. Your PubMed indexed article will be available on PubMed 24-48 hours from publication, but some article types, such as meeting abstracts and book reviews, aren’t indexed by PubMed.


When I click on the ‘Free Full Text’ link from PubMed I get an error message.

Please get in touch with the editorial office of the journal and they’ll correct this as soon as possible.


There is an error in my article. Can it be corrected online/in print? Can you publish a correction? Will my article be corrected in PubMed?

If the post-publication error is significant, we’ll refer it to the journal editor for approval. For Online First publications that haven’t been published in an issue, we can correct the HTML and PDF versions. For issue publications, we can publish a correction notice.
We will deposit the post-publication resupplied article to PubMed, as well as correction notices. PubMed make manual corrections to articles, so it will be at their discretion whether to make the changes.


I am unable to access my article via the journal website.

Please get in touch with the editorial office of the journal.


I was named as a collaborator in an article, but in the collaborators listed on PubMed my name is missing. Could you correct the list on PubMed?

Yes, please get in touch with the editorial office of the journal.


Are authors in a Working Group listed on PubMed?

Yes; if they aren’t, please get in touch with the editorial office who will ensure they’re available as soon as possible.


What permissions do I have to distribute my article/reuse article materials?

Please visit our section on Archival policy, Permissions and Copyright for full details.


This article has been published as a review; however, it is original research. Please can we change the publication type to original article?

Please get in touch with the editorial office who will refer to the Editor.


Our supplementary files are missing/incorrect. How do I get them uploaded/corrected?

Please get in touch with the editorial office who will ensure the correct version(s) are uploaded as soon as possible.


What are the indexing/discovery platforms you use?

EBSCO Discovery Service
Ex Libris Primo
OCLC WorldCat (live date tbc)
Yewno (at contract stage)
Proquest Summon (live for content in PQ aggregated services; working on direct Summon agreement)